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41-9019E    6/11/43Transfrd7/10/43Boeing 
41-9043EGDAPeggy D, Little Rockette5347/43Ret US10/29/45Boeing 
41-24500FMSYAnnie Freeze5355/27/43Transfrd7/18/43Boeing 
42-2978FMSVSis53511/19/43Ret US5/1/44Douglas 
42-3033FVPU 5337/43Transfrd9/1/44Douglas 
42-3048FVPU 5338/22/43Transfrd9/26/44Douglas 
42-3078FGDMWinsome Winn5346/15/43Lost1/7/44Douglas1873
42-3092FVPTStrato Sam5334/43Lost8/17/43Douglas399
42-3100FVEA 5327/20/43Lost7/30/43Douglas129
42-3101FVP  5337/21/43Lost8/19/43Douglas662
42-3118FGDNThe Green Hornet5347/6/43Lost1/11/44Douglas1875
42-3134F  Midway [NOTE: Used as a Radio Relay aircraft] 3/6/44Transfrd7/17/44Douglas 
42-3177FMSOThe Hellion5357/15/43Transfrd1/25/44Douglas 
42-3180FVPYForget Me Not II5337/16/43Lost10/9/43Douglas888
42-3215FVPSLinda Mary5334/28/43Lost3/6/44Douglas3000
42-3217FMSTGeorgia Rebel5355/24/43Lost7/24/43Douglas132
42-3219FGD  5344/43Transfrd6/7/43Douglas 
42-3221FJZEWhale Tail5346/43Salvaged7/29/43Douglas 
42-3223FVPRRed Hot Riding Hood5336/2/43Lost7/14/43Douglas 
42-3225FMSVChug Alug LuLu5356/6/43Lost8/17/43Douglas378
42-3226FVPSLittle Chuck5335/25/43Salvaged6/22/43Douglas 
42-3227FGDG 5345/26/43Lost8/17/43Douglas661
42-3268FGDHMessie Bessie, Carol Jane5346/3/43Transfrd7/6/43Douglas 
42-3511FMSN 5354/22/44Lost4/25/44Douglas4286
42-3514FVPVDoll Baby, Dinah Might II5339/24/43Lost1/11/44Douglas1978
42-3522FVPLGremlin's Delite5339/27/43Ret US7/9/44Douglas 
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These numbers will be adjusted slightly after the data is cleaned up a bit more.  A few aircraft shouldn't be in this index as they were never actually assigned to 381st although they were scheduled to be.  Other aircraft were assigned right before the 381st began its movement stateside.  Some were assigned, only be transferred within a day or so to other groups.

Named Aircraft

224 Fortresses had nose art/nicknames out of 346 assigned.

Squadron Assignments

82 - assigned to 532nd, 57 were named.
83 - assigned to 533rd, 45 were named.
79 - assigned to 534th, 58 were named.
80 - assigned to 535th, 64 were named.
22 - uncertain squadron assignment.  Some due to being assigned to 381st prior to movement back stateside, or quickly transferred to other units, plus a few mistakes.

Aircraft Fates and Facts

143 aircraft listed as Lost due to combat damage.
134 MACR (Missing Air Crew Reports) are associated with 381st aircraft.
50 aircraft listed as Salvaged, either due to accident or combat damage when the aircraft returned to Allied controlled areas.
61 Accident Reports for 381st aircraft.  They were either repaired and returned to service, or salvaged. 
90 aircraft were returned to the US as either war weary, or flown home when the 381st returned stateside.
58 aircraft were transferred to other groups.
5 fates not listed (prob aircraft not actually assigned to 381st)

Types Assigned

2 B-17Es, 104 B-17Fs, and 240 B-17G models were assigned to 381st. Of these, 192 were built by Boeing, 84 by Douglas, and 66 by Lockheed Vega.

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